Handmade Paper by:

Cynthia Blasingham - moonglow@cynthiablasingham.com


For the past twelve years, Blasingham has been experimenting with pulling her own sheets of handmade paper from a slurry of cotton linter and favoring thick, textural paper with uneven, random edges.  If different colors of slurry are used, the handmade paper may stand on its own as the piece of art.  Alternatively, she may apply a watercolor batik using a hot wax method or use the handmade paper as a substrate for a hand-pulled print.   She explains why she has enjoyed handmade paper and batik, "This way of working is wet, messy, and physical.  It requires total immersion in the process.  This is definitely not a 'safe' way to work - there is no guarantee of a 'perfect product.'  This is a 'process-oriented' way of working, not 'product-oriented.'  It is a risk and a challenge to let yourself freely explore, and therein lies the excitement."



"Push Me-Pull Me: 90's Conflict"


"Wild Animals"

"End of Season"


"Contemplating the City"



"Mauve and Ribbons"