As a founding member of INprint in 1997 and its Chairman for the past five years, Blasingham has helped set the group's direction toward a balance of artistic development, mutual support, career development, and community service.  The artistic focus is on original hand-pulled prints including etching, silkscreen, monotype, woodcut, linocut, and lithography.  New technologies to produce printing plates are encouraged, such as the computer software Photoshop and non-toxic photo-sensitive emulsions.  Activities include an annual print exchange based on a theme, meetings at studios with demonstrations, a newsletter, traveling exhibitions, art fairs, workshops, museum tours of print exhibits, and art opening receptions. Community service has included printmaking demonstrations to adults and children, slide lectures, guided tours of INprint exhibits, and children's printmaking sessions.  Fifteen exhibits of INprint Suites have been held throughout Indiana and in Michigan from 1999 through 2003.

Affiliating with community-based non-profits to create an annual theme has created opportunities for INprint members to reach out through their artwork to connect with others.  In 1999, the second suite "Beginnings" was created in affiliation with the Julian Center, a counseling center and residence for abused women in downtown Indianapolis.  This suite of 22 prints is on permanent exhibit at the Julian Center, where many women clients have reported that the artwork is very meaningful to them.  In 2000, INprint affiliated with the Indiana Historical Society to produce a suite of 24 prints, "INdiana," images which speak of personal history, culture, memories, appreciation, beauty, icons, resources, and life in Indiana.  A complete "INdiana" suite is now in the permanent collection of the Indiana Historical Society.  In 2002, INprint's non-profit affiliate for the Suite "INtouch" was the Gennesaret Free Clinic in Indianapolis which serves the medical and dental needs of the indigent.  In 2003, the Indiana Chapter of the Nature Conservancy was the affiliate for the Suite "INdigenous," expressions of our being deeply connected to the actual place where we live - essential for environmental preservation.
INprint traveling exhibits include:

2003     Hilbert Circle Theatre, downtown Indianapolis
2003     Munce Art Center, Zionsville,
2002     Indianapolis Art Center, Broad Ripple
2002     Indiana University at Kokomo Art Gallery, IN
2002     Saginaw Valley State University Art Gallery, Bay City, MI
2002     Plainfield-Guilford County Public Library Art Gallery, IN
2002     Ben Davis High School Art Gallery, Indianapolis
2001     Hoosier Salon Gallery, Broad Ripple
2001     Indiana Historical Society, downtown Indianapolis
2000     Julian Center of Indianapolis (for women in crisis)
2000     Indianapolis Art Center, Broad Ripple
1999     Southern Indiana Center for the Arts, Seymour
1999     Editions Limited Gallery, Indianapolis
1999     Honeysuckle Gallery, Nashville, IN
1999     Indianapolis Art Center, Broad Ripple


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