National Non-Toxic Printmaking Invitational

Donna Adams

Donna Lee Adams received a Master of Fine Arts Degree from University of Missouri – Columbia, where she minored in printmaking. Since graduate school, she has taken two Non-toxic Workshops with Keith Howard and plans to study with him in Scotland this coming summer. After her first experience with Keith Howard’s techniques, the University of Indianapolis supported her conversion of the printmaking lab to Non-toxic Intaglio, which she continues to teach there in addition to Serigraphy and Photography. This past fall, Donna arranged for Keith Howard’s visit to University of Indianapolis as guest artist and for an exhibition of his most recent non-toxic prints. She is currently working on a body of photographs and non-toxic intaglio prints about her hometown, Shelbyville.

Crackled, 2002

Playing Around With Whites and Blacks, 2001

Footbridge, 2004

Printmaker's Studio